Broken Record

by LifeSupport

I’ve got a new outlook on life ever since I gave up twice before I even tried. There’s a constant struggle between I want to be and who I am today. And the clock ticks every second that it takes my heart to beat, and I hate it, and regret it cause this sound won’t let me sleep. So I’ll let the record skip with no needle scratching it. I learned all the words before they ever meant a fucking thing. So I’ll let the record skip…
The sun recedes behind the trees, across from this broken home. It fails to gleam or shed a light on me. I'm sick of this perfect weather. I'm stuck in the eye of this perfect storm. It pains me to want to be somewhere else. I filled a notebook with my past regrets, that I hid under the floorboards. But tonight I'll set it out to sea, to sink in the shallow water, farther. The faster it sinks the better I get. I've got to reset, start over again. I won't let the past hold me down like an anchor.
Digging 03:12
Dig in, dig out. Words to a microphone, its better than being alone. This shouldn’t be, I shouldn’t have to, but it’s not my choice. Dig in, dig out. This house is freezing cold. Heat escapes through iron lungs. This shouldn’t be, I shouldn’t have to, but it’s not my choice. Get me out, I will escape, this prison that’s held me back for so many years. A new day, a better way, to see the world. Without obstruction of these parallel bars. I’m not looking back, you’ve held me down for so many years. As ungrateful as this song may seem, I appreciate everything you did for me.
Everything 03:40
Everything I have gained is a sham, I'm the same. Nothing’s left, hope is lost, left to give, I have not. I can see my breath escape out from my lungs into the wind. I whisper softly to myself, these words belong to no one else. Its 3 am I've lost my breath beneath the sheets in a cold sweat wishing that I could be better but instead I think I’ll just compress the hurt, the pain inside, that stabs, and burns, not satisfied. There’s nothing left that could subside so let me breathe or stand aside. There’s a ghost inside my head who longs to see the way things were. Alienates my good intentions leaves them out of my decisions. I walk along the ocean side alone and cold without a guide. I might just let the current take me but instead I think I'll just compress the hurt, the pain inside, it stabs, it burns, not satisfied. There’s nothing left that could suffice or help me see the brighter side.



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Produced and Engineered by Erol Ulug

Artwork by Christopher Mollet


released September 21, 2012


all rights reserved



LifeSupport Los Angeles, California

LifeSupport was a band from 2011 - 2013 based out of Los Angeles. We recorded our last record in June 2013 which is available here for download. We will go on to start new bands, keep an eye out - 10/1/13.

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